Portsmouth Herald Endorses Obama

The Portsmouth Herald has endorsed Barack Obama, praising him for having “unique character and far-reaching vision to lead this country as it faces war abroad and economic instability at home. He is the 21st century candidate the country needs.” They are not concerned over the question of experience:

One of the main objections to an Obama candidacy and possible presidency has been the question of experience. There is no question that Obama has made a meteoric rise as a national figure and that he doesn’t have extensive experience in Washington, D.C. We believe this is more asset than liability.

Though he was an Illinois state senator at the time, we believe it was no accident of political and moral happenstance that Obama opposed and correctly predicted the quagmire of the Iraq war in 2002. His plan to travel to the Middle East and give a historical speech about America’s intentions and aspirations is a stroke of boldness rarely found in a politician.

All presidential choices come with risk. “Do you match up with the times?” Obama has said about an intangible ingredient necessary for the next president. We believe that Obama is like another candidate, a lightly experienced man from Illinois who burst upon the national scene in the midst of the country’s greatest crisis in 1860. Abraham Lincoln matched up with his times. We believe the same of Barack Obama, and encourage voters to support him in the Democratic primary on Jan. 8.

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