Ron Paul’s Plans After The Fund Raiser


Ron Paul makes more sense at his press conference (video above) following the success of last weekend’s fund raiser than he is given credit for at the site where I first saw this clip. The New Republic quotes from Paul’s statement but leaves out the important part of what Paul really said. Paul repeats a point I made in this post yesterday: The majority of his supporters are not people who are registered Republicans. Many have not voted before. Paul is completely correct in his assessment that there might not be enough time to effectively use this money, but that the top priorities are getting his supporters registered and out to vote. Of course he would be smart to also use some for advertising, and he would benefit from a more professional job than has been seen in some of his early ads.

If there is to be a surprise, as Paul alludes to, it will be if he can get enough new voters out to vote. As turn out in Iowa is generally very small it is possible for him to have an impressive result there, surpassing what would be predicted by the polls. It is even possible that Paul, now that he is well-financed, could even pull an upset in some states in race where the establishment Republican vote is split. Unfortunately the one thing which would get the Republicans quickly united behind a single candidate would be if Paul showed any real chance at winning the nomination. Besides, if Paul’s supporters behave in the real world like they do on line, we can especially be certain they will antagonize far too many in the party to have any chance.

It still remains very doubtful that Paul can win the nomination, but he will continue to provide an interesting show. With his views on separation of church and state, his stress on states’ rights over individual rights, and his opposition to abortion rights, he remains a flawed messenger for freedom, but he is far better than anyone else the Republicans have to offer. At very least he has the funds to remain in the race all the way to the convention. At very least I hope he can pick up enough delegates to create some excitement there, such as a floor debate over current Republican positions on the war and civil liberties.

The New Republic also notes that just a handful of reporters showed up for the news conference. Many of the Paul supporters (those we all know who are spamming the blogosphere with their irrational rants) will see this as a conspiracy by the mainstream media (and perhaps the CFR) to stop their candidate. In reality this is a reflection of the media’s realization that, despite the success of the fund raiser, Paul remains a fringe candidate within the Republican Party with little chance of success. His chances of proving them wrong would be far better if his supporters didn’t spend so much time antagonizing everyone who doesn’t agree with Paul one hundred percent and instead worked on organizing and increasing support. They could stand to benefit from paying more attention to Paul’s toleration for the rights of others. For Paul’s sake I hope that those out working for him in the real world are nothing like those we see commenting on line, as those supporters haven’t a clue as to how to increase support in the real world and build a winning campaign.

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