Attack on Conservative Revealed To Be A Hoax

Over the weekend there was a story about a conservative being assaulted because of his views at Princeton. Following recent posts here on the murder of someone who supported evolution by a creationist and attacks on people celebrating Hanukkah, I almost posted on this in the spirit of opposing violence regardless of the political motivation. However, while I couldn’t prove it, something smelled funny about this story and I decided against posting about it. Perhaps it was the number of exaggerated claims of suppression of free speech conservatives have claimed, or the number of totally erroneous incidents people like Bill O’Reilly have cited in their reports of a War on Christmas. I’ve just become skeptical of all the stories of conservatives as victims.

I certainly was not going to post my skepticism yesterday because it would both be awful if a conservative was really assaulted at Princeton for his beliefs and I would hate to question such a story if it was true. In this case my gut feeling was right. It was confirmed today that the story was fabricated.

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    Ryan says:

    I guess you could call him a “fallen soldier” in the conservative army’s “War on Christmas.” They could make him into a (fake) hero.

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