Des Moines Register Expected To Make Endorsement Soon

Hotline believes that the Des Moines Register will be publishing their endorsement for the Iowa caucus soon, possibly as early as tomorrow, and the speculation is that Obama will get the endorsement. The Register’s endorsement of Edwards in 2004 helped him take second place but hopefully they will not make that mistake again. In 2004 they liked his Two America’s theme. After seeing how he has changed so many positions based on political expediency the reality is that there are Two Edwards–and neither has the experience, the intellect, or the integrity to deserve to be president.

The New York Times has reported on the efforts candidates are making to get this endorsement. Mark Ambinder questions whether it matters as in recent years the Register endorsed Edwards, Bill Bradley, and Paul Simon with none of them winning. While none of them won, the Register’s endorsement can influence some voters, which might make a difference in a close race. The endorsement helped move Edwards into second place, helping his prospects in ultimately being selected as John Kerry’s running mate (a mistake Kerry certainly would not make again, regardless of whether the Des Moines Register has learned better.) This year the endorsement might be enough to put one of the top tier candidates over the top, or perhaps even turn someone like Joe Biden (who recently impressed David Yepsen) into a credible candidate.

Update: Clinton, Obama and McCain Receive Endorsements

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