Peace Is At Hand: The War on Christmas Is Over


Bill O’Reilly has declared victory in the War on Christmas, as seen in the video above. This could be for the best as the only plausible ending for a fictitious war which largely began in Bill O’Reilly’s head was for O’Reilly to declare victory. From now on whenever a conservative brings up the War on Christmas, point then to this and show them that the war is over.

If only this means O’Reilly will now leave everyone else alone. It would be even better if his spiritual cousins on the opposite side of the coin, such as the Taliban and al Qaeda, will follow his example and also declare victory and end their wars.

Some day perhaps American conservatives will decide to observe the First Amendment again and understand that nobody has anything against Christmas. We just understand why the founding fathers felt it was so important to keep religion out of what O’Reilly refers to as the public square. If they ever doubted this, just seeing people like O’Reilly go on like this demonstrates the founding father’s wisdom in desiring to create a secular state.

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    The Charters Of Dreams says:

    You’re exactly right Liberal Values except that O’Reilly position is much, MUCH more insidious than you realize. If you want to really see the ominious cracks in our nation’s basic foundations — ask a true Paranoid. Yeah, he’s crazy, but that doesn’t mean he’s wrong:

    “It may have struck you, ladies and gentlemen, that there’s a big relationship between this marvelous time of year and living in a one-party state. You can’t go anywhere without listening to the same music. You can’t go anywhere without hearing the name of the Great Leader, and his son, the Dear Leader….All broadcasts, all songs, all jokes, all references are, just for that magic few weeks, just exactly like living in…North Korea.”

    Listen to Christopher Hitchens draw the parallels for you — Christmas = North Korea. The war will never, NEVER, end:

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