Huckabee Backs Teaching Creationism in Schools

Mike Huckabee might make sense compared to other Republicans from time to time but this report out of Des Moines shows that he is still out of touch with reality with regards to science. He continues to assert that his views on evolution do not matter, arguing, “That’s an irrelevant question to ask me — I’m happy to answer what I believe, but what I believe is not what’s going to be taught in 50 different states.”

As evolution is a fundamental principle of modern biology, and as advances of biology are likely to increasingly impact matters of public policy, it is important that a president understands the basics of modern science. It is also important that American students be taught science in science classes and not religious beliefs. Huckabee has supported the teaching of intelligent design, the new name for creationism:

Huckabee, at a dinner in Des Moines, told reporters that the theory of intelligent design, whose proponents believe an intelligent cause is the best way to explain some complex and orderly features of the universe, should be taught in schools as one of many viewpoints. “I don’t think schools ought to indoctrinate kids to believe one thing or another,” he said.

With regards to science there is only one proven viewpoint, and biology cannot be taught coherently without teaching evolution. Teaching evolution in science class is no more indoctrination than teaching that 2+2=4 in math class. Of course the supporters of Big Brother tried to teach Winston Smith a different answer in 1984, and the tactics of the religious right to place religious stories as being on par with science are no more valid than the Orwellian claim that 2+2=5.

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