Why I Have No Confidence Hillary Clinton Will Do Anything of Value To Change Things


The video shows Hillary Clinton answering a question about medical marijuana. It’s just one more example of why I don’t have much hope that Clinton will stand up for principle. Many of us have hoped since the Republicans have been taken over by the authoritarian warmongers that the Democratic Party might fight them on the side of freedom. There are some somewhat libertarian attitudes in some Democrats. Hillary Clinton is not one of them.

I’m still hoping that the conventional wisdom is wrong and Iowa or New Hampshire shake things up enough to give candidates such as Bill Richardson and Chris Dodd a chance. I might even take another look at Joe Biden after hearing him speak against mandates as part of his health care plan. However, if we are really limited to the three candidates now on top, there’s little choice other than Obama. There’s still a lot more I’d like to know about how Obama really views the issues, and there are areas where I disagree with him, but Hillary Clinton and, even more so, John Edwards, are unacceptable to those who want to move the country in a direction towards greater freedom after eight years of George Bush. Fortunately, while far too early to make any predictions, Obama appears to increasingly look like a the front runner while Edwards is in danger of a collapse.

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    Eric Dondero says:

    There was a time that I thought Bill Richardson was half-way decent. Then I learned about how he pushed through a statewide smoking ban for all bars and restaurants. He’s just as much a Nanny-stater as all the other Democrats.

    It’s only Republicans who’ve been fighting back against these Nanny-state smoking bans in California and other states.

    Eric – Non-Smoker

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Richardson is definitely not a libertarian but compared to John Edwards he looks fantastic.

    While I oppose these smoking bans, at least I can understand the motivation behind them. It isn’t simply then Nanny-state mentality of stopping people from harming themselves as second hand smoke is deadly to others. Still, I’d leave it to the individual to decide whether they will subject themselves to this risk or decide to avoid bars with heavy smoking.

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    F.Igwealor says:

    Don’t worry, it’ll be over very soon, Hillary Clinton Campaign’s a sinking ship

    The most recent national polls show that Hillary’s campaign, which until her Philly debate fumble was a poll-dominant inevitability, is currently sinking faster than the Titanic. Below are several of the efforts to save Hillary’s campaign that failed:
    • CNN’s rigged debate and after debate spin
    • Her campaign’s rush to play the gender card
    • Bill complaining of his wife being pilled on
    • Arm-twisting of the NY Gov to help her on immigration
    • Bill’s daily show in Iowa
    • Her accusation of the opponents for mud-slinging
    • Novak’s scandal rumor

    Below are Hillary’s campaign new efforts that will not save it from crashing to the ground:
    • Her current mud-slinging on Obama
    • Racking up thousand and one endorsements
    • Even the endorsement of NH’s Gov’s wife, Dr. Susan Lynch
    • Going to church on Sunday
    • Aggressively attacking Obama
    • New emphasis on her (actually John Edward’s) healthcare
    • Getting all the Senators, Congressmen, and other members of the democratic establishment to endorse her
    • Appearance at Saddleback Church

    With all due respect to the theory of inevitability, which was built on polls, Hillary’s current consistent slide in the polls and her current lack-luster performance in match-up against top 5 Republican nomination candidates is the final straw that broke the Carmel’s back.

    Senator Hillary Clinton’s campaign is crumbling faster than Dean’s and do not expect that downside momentum to stop.

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    Ron Chusid says:

    I never believed Hillary’s victory was inevitable, but I still wouldn’t write off her chances. She has problems (as she has had all along) but is also in a strong position.

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