Polls Turning Against Chavez in Venezuela

Venezuela under Hugo Chávez has appeared to be on its way to becoming a socialist dictatorship with plans to end term limits and give him more control over regional governments.  There is some good news today as polls now show that a majority has turned against supporting him in the upcoming referendum:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has lost his lead eight days before a referendum on ending his term limit, an independent pollster said on Saturday, in a swing in voter sentiment against the Cuba ally.

Forty-nine percent of likely voters oppose Chavez’s proposed raft of constitutional changes to expand his powers, compared with 39 percent in favor, a survey by respected pollster Datanalisis showed.

Just weeks ago, Chavez had a 10-point lead for his proposed changes in the OPEC nation that must be approved in a referendum, the polling company said.

Chávez says only a traitor would vote against him  a comment which sounds a lot the views expressed by some Republicans that anyone who votes against them supports the terrorists:

President Hugo Chavez warned his supporters on Friday that anyone voting against his proposed constitutional changes would be a “traitor,” rallying his political base before a referendum that would let him seek unlimited re-election in 2012 and beyond.

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