Obama Backs Medical Marijuana, Admits He Inhaled

Barack Obama supports, with some reservations, legalization of medical marijuana. He not only admits that when he tried marijuana he inhaled, he mocks Bill Clinton’s denial:

When a voter asked Obama if he was for the legalization of medical marijuana, Obama said that he wasn’t in favor of legalization without scientific evidence and tight controls. Citing his mother who died from cancer young, Obama compared marijuana to morphine saying there was little difference between the two.

“My attitude is if the science and the doctors suggest that the best palliative care and the way to relieve pain and suffering is medical marijuana then that’s something I’m open to because there’s no difference between that and morphine when it comes to just giving people relief from pain,” Obama said. “But I want to do it under strict guidelines. I want it prescribed in the same way that other painkillers or palliative drugs are prescribed.”

But he added that he was concerned that the reasons for the use of marijuana would grow and create a “slippery slope.”

“I was feeling really tense, so I needed a joint,” Obama joked with the crowd of those who might try and undermine that type of system.

The question was followed up by another voter asking him, “Unlike other presidents, did you inhale?”

“I did,” Obama said to loud applause and laughter. “It’s not something that I’m proud of. It was a mistake … But you know, I’m not going to.  I never understood that line. The point was to inhale. That was the point.”


  1. 1
    holly says:

    ALL  MARIJUANA SHOLUD BE LEGAL!!!! I mean really people can openly drink alcohal how is smokinh a little joint or blunt any different… in fact less people die in one year from smoking then in one day of drinking… there are prbably over 100 people who die every day from drinking and driving…. why is our government sooo difficult.. the United States is one of the last countries to have such strict weed lawsss…

     Free The People… who should be free..

  2. 2
    anonymus says:

    umm. i think u have ur facts wrong there holly. people can’t die from marijuana ,unless they smoke more than the amount that 50 people combined smoke, in one day. if my memory serves correct you’d have to smoke over 9000 joints in a 24hour period to OD

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    actually u have to smoke 4 times your body weight

  4. 4
    bye-bye-freedom-n-usa says:

    you have to smoke 1500 lb.24hours.one in ten americans smoke pot,,it would take 51% to make it legal.just like beer wine and so on in the 1929.and if we do get lucky to vote to make it legal(state or city only)the feds can still get you.but you will never get a large number of pot smoker to vote,there just like the rest of americans (lazy).it will never be legal until you all get off your ass and stand up.and still it cant be legal the ones that make the laws are the ones bringing it into the usa.they dont have to go through customs..top congress ,,four star genarals and so on…next time you watch tv and the ones that make the rules and get tougher on pot ,there the ones bringing it in to the usa.and when somone goes to the press you hear about it one day then the next you cant find anyting about it,,,except on the net.thats kinda funny,and you never hear from the person that opened there mouth.(ever).

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:

    There is mistake in the assumption that “one in ten americans smoke pot,,it would take 51% to make it legal”

    I have no idea if the one in ten figure is correct but, while I agree it will be difficult to legalize marijuana, support for this is not limited to marijuana smokers.

    For example, I don’t smoke marijuana but support its legalization, both on libertarian grounds and fiscal conservative grounds. Beyond the ethical questions, it is a waste of tax money to try to suppress it. I’d rather legalize and tax it, hopefully raising a significant amount of money to allow us to do things like have more universal access to health care.

  6. 6
    Greenshields says:

    Our drug companies dont want the medical uses for weed to become widely accepted as it is a naturally occuring plant no one company can licence it therefore no profit.It is also the industrial uses for weed that will always keep it illegal. It is an alternative to our oil,paper and cotton industries,and could be grown all over the third world.But that would remove the worlds dependance on fossil fuels and take control away from the powers that be.The same powers that parade a collection of candidates for us to vote for under the illusion that we actually have a say in how were governed.Remove the lobbiests and stop big buisiness from donating to campaign funds then we might see some real change in this world. 

  7. 7
    Unseenspirit says:

    You know what? It’s a freaking Plant for God’s sake!!!! I am flabbergasted every time I read that someone got arrested for growing a plant. In this day and age the greatest country in the world, is like the last country on the planet to see the light!!!

  8. 8
    jake says:

    I work for a biotechnology company, and i have thought for a few years now that someone needs to figure out how to insert the gene(s)  for THC production into a common fruiting vegetable like tomatoes or something, so that people could grow it in their backyards without attracting attention and harrassment form law enforcement.

  9. 9
    a guy in va says:

    If the US some how found a way to gain complete control over a naturally occuring substance then more power to them, but sadly i think thats the only way marijuana will find its way into your local 7-11.  Any kid in any downtown street could tell you how much money flows in and out of his neighborhood for marijuana. Why not just put a legal age of usage on it and find out how much more money could be put into the growth of our local and federal economy. But God forbid a school or hospital go up using tax money from an herb.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    First I would like to say I am for legalizing marijuana for all. Im a user myself but I wish the other supporters would get their facts straight because they are making the rest of us look stupid.  Case in point “Holly” comment   “the United States is one of the last countries to have such strict weed lawsss…” is entirely untrue. Most asian countries have laws and penalties much more strict than ours. In one country if you possess 0.1g, that’s right 0.1g  and that includes stems and seeds, you could receive life in prison or up to 30,000,000 in fines. In other countries possession over 1g calls for a mandatory death penalty. And what does ” Free The People… who should be free..” mean? Is that a racist comment? If so people like that are why so many people think marijuana is a bad drug, used by dumb troublemaking racist rednecks and poor inner city minorities.  Uneducated comments like these aren’t helping the cause so if you don’t know what your talking about keep it to yourself.

  11. 11
    sacamano says:

    He is a hypocrite, as he is proposing a fight against Medical Marijuana…He lost my vote what a backstabber…

  12. 12
    Ron Chusid says:

    I am not at all happy with Obama’s policies on medical marijuana, as well as continuing the drug war. However there are many other issues to also consider, and in our present two party system Obama remains much better than any alternative the Republicans are going to offer next year.

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