Yepsen Predicts Possible Edwards Collapse

During the final days before the 2004 Iowa caucus, David Yepsen noticed Kerry’s momentum and readers of his reports were not shocked by Kerry’s upset victory. This time around Yepsen sees Bill Richardson as the candidate with momentum while John Edwards risks a complete collapse. In an interview with Fox News, Yepsen discussed what the candidates had to be thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Yepsen: “I think if you’re John Edwards, you’re thankful this is going to be over with on January third. John Edwards has not been doing well lately, he’s slipping a little in these numbers. That’s not a good trend line for him. He’s got to get this thing over with fast.”

Yepsen said he fears Edwards could fall so far that New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, currently running fourth, could slip into third place — and would therefore be most thankful for that.

“I think one of the things that could happen is that Edwards could collapse, sag, fall apart, not do well,” Yepsen said. “And that leaves Richardson in real striking distance of third place. Richardson has run a good campaign. He’s got some support here. If I were Edwards I’d be worried about sagging so far it could enable Richardson to take third place.”

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