John Edwards’ Plan For Fighting Hunger

The Democrats are in an excellent position to take control of the government as voters have become disillusioned with Republican failures. As good as the Democrats position appears to be, some just seem to be unable to resist repeating mistakes of the past and giving the Republicans a shot to win. Once again John Edwards plays into every “tax and spend” stereotype of Democrats which many other Democrats have been attempting to get away from.

Edwards has introduced a plan for fighting hunger which entails creating yet more government programs. When added to all of Edwards’ other plans, how many middle class voters will do the math and figure that they better vote against his party to avoid seeing such an increase in their taxes that they risk joining the hungry themselves? The Lew Rockwell Blog has a simplistic example of what the conservative response will be, but don’t underestimate the effectiveness of the argument.

While the conservative response is somewhat simplistic, I’m no more impressed by the liberal response so far. Matthew Yglesias and Neil the Ethical Werewolf note how one government program, farm subsidies, contributes to the hunger problem by altering the market to make unhealthy foods more affordable than healthy foods. If current government programs are worsening the problem this leads me to pause and consider eliminating the counterproductive programs before advocating yet more programs.

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    Carrie V says:

    John Edwards can start with using his $400.00 haircut money and give it to his local food bank!!

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