Gore and Schwarzenegger Forming Candidate Forum on Climate Change

Al Gore might wind up in the candidate debates after all this year, but not as someone running for office. Gore and Arnold Schwarzenegger are working together on a bipartisan forum on climate change to held in New Hampshire in December. According to AP:

The forum, which is still in the planning stages, is being designed so presidential candidates from both parties will attend. Adam Mendelsohn, a spokesman for the governor, said the format was not completely developed, but the former vice president was handling the Democratic candidates, while Schwarzenegger would handle the Republicans.

The most interesting aspect might be to get the Republican candidates on record with regards to whether they accept the scientific consensus on climate change, just as they were asked their views on evolution at one of the GOP debates. Either they will have to break with their base or will have to publicly display how conservatives place ideology over science.

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