Planting Questions Appears to Be Standard Operating Procedure for Clinton Campaign


Hillary Clinton has the slickest, most professional campaign operation going. She certainly has learned from the George Bush play book for staging public appearances. Check out the above video to see just how slick it is. The episode at Grinnell College wasn’t an isolated case of an over zealous staffer planting a question with a student. They have a whole notebook ready with questions to plant, along with advice to avoid questions which might be too difficult for Clinton to answer.

This is hardly the only bad news for Clinton as the polls have been tightening. Captain’s Quarters provides a run down, noting criticism of Clinton from both the left and the right.

Poor Hillary. A minority falls for her line that the other candidates are picking on her. Even the controversy over whether Hillary Clinton left a tip at an Iowa restaurant, as well as the controversy over whether this should be a controversy, continues.

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