Bush (Unintentionally) Got It Right Today

If I had stopped with the first paragraph, this would be the smartest thing I’ve ever heard from George Bush:

President Bush compared Congress’ Democratic leaders Thursday with people who ignored the rise of Lenin and Hitler early in the last century, saying “the world paid a terrible price” then and risks similar consequences for inaction today.

Yes, we do risk paying a terrible price for the inaction of the Democrats in not doing more to curtail the actions of George Bush. Bush already got us into an unnecessary and disastrous war which strengthened terrorist organizations and Iran while weakening the United States. Now Bush uses talk of World War III. The Democrats must take action to limit the ability of Bush to wage war before he makes his own prediction turn true. Democrats need to pay closer attention to history. We’ve seen how Bush abused the authority granted under the Iraq War Resolution and measures must be taken to ensure that the inaction of the Democrats do not result in further wars.

While there is a difference in degree, the lessons the world learned from the actions of Lenin and Hitler do provide important warnings about the dangers of someone like George Bush who utilizes military force when not appropriate and who ignores the rule of law.


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    absent observer says:

    If I were President, I’d be sure to have a court jester with full immunity — someone who could publicly address every foolish thing being done/said. Maybe Stephen Colbert or Bill Mahrer. That would have solved 90% of Bush’s problems. But you saw how Bush responded to Colbert during the Correspondents’ Dinner.

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    Carl Gordon says:

    Boosh acts like a fifth grader? He’s unable to admit failure or stupidity?

    The answer must be to mainline Imitrex straight into the skull. Let the gibble jabble mix with the willy nilly, then you’ll find him going down the drain. Through the twists and turns, then you’ll come out doing the back stroke down the great, green, greasy Limbpopo River, if you know what I mean. Well, then everything will make sense. Especially as you give Laura a well-oiled and bemused grin. Her arms will wave and her gums will flap non-sensically as if they were tied by strings, just like Boosh, and being pulled by an unseen puppet master some where in the dankest recesses of some clandestine diabolical bunker, three miles below the low-tide mark, where scum sucking zygotes and lower forms of humanity hide their worthless asses from the light of reason and reality. But you will not be afraid of her or his madcapped gesticulations and giggling genuflections, for you are the annointed one. The one which has been annointing hiz sef’ all afternoon with the bubbly carbonated incantations of the Mead of the Druids. Some call it Breesky, some calls it Suds, you may even call for the Bud. Newts, salamanders, and mud puppies alike will all march past not only in astonishing formations (the judges liked what they saw!), but in impressive numbers, despite being dispirited over the lingering Korean black dog meat boycott still in effect. And that nasty, nasty stick of butter never materialized until it was time to retire for the evening.

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