Richardson Picks Up Endorsement of Portsmouth Mayor

While the campaign for the Democratic nomination increasingly looks like a two person contest, other candidates are still seeking support and the possibility of a dark horse upset victory cannot be excluded. Bill Richardson continues to show signs of life in the early states. His campaign has announced a New Hampshire endorsement which might be of some benefit in the primary:

The Richardson for President campaign today announced a crucial endorsement from Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand, one of New Hampshire’s brightest and most talented young leaders.

Steve Marchand, 33, was elected mayor of Portsmouth in 2005 with over 67 percent of the vote. He has been praised for his successful stewardship of green energy initiatives as well as his fiscal leadership in introducing transparency and accountability to the city budget. The Portsmouth Herald wrote of Marchand, “the guy has guts, energy and ambition.” He previously was named New Hampshire’s political “Rising Star” of the year by the website

Mayor Marchand will join the Richardson for President campaign as a Senior Advisor. He also will maintain a robust surrogate speaking schedule, traveling the Granite State and stumping on Governor Richardson’s behalf.

“Bill Richardson is the most experienced candidate in the race, the most determined to end the war in Iraq, and the most capable of bringing about the real change that America needs,” Marchand said.

Richardson had previously received the endorsements of former New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair George Bruno Manchester former Manchester Mayor Bob Baines.

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