One Question About Paul Answered But Many Ties to Conspiracy Theories Remain

Recently I reported on both a contribution from 9/11 conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to Ron Paul and a payment from the Paul campaign to Jones. This raised questions as to why the Paul campaign would be paying money to Jones. The Corner reports that the $1300 payment was a partial refund of Jones’s $2,300 contribution to the Paul campaign. There is no indication as to why this partial refund was paid. This does satisfy resolve the question as to why there would be a payment to Jones, but the questions regarding the connections between Jones and Paul persist. The Corner also reports:

I fear that Paul isn’t about to denounce Jones, and it’s a shame. When Paul made his most recent appearance on Jones’s radio show, I asked the candidate’s spokesman why he continues to associate with Jones. I detected some quiet frustration in his answer that Paul had promised the interview and that he keeps his word in such matters. Considering that Jones’s entire operation exploits gullible people willing to believe anything about 9/11, he might want to consider making fewer such promises in the future.

I don’t find the contribution from Jones to be as bad as the contribution from white supremacist Stormfront founder Don Black, but the number of ties between Paul’s supporters and conspiracy theorists remains a concern and ultimately discredits Paul. While Paul has at times denied personal belief in the 9/11 conspiracy theories, his repeated appearances on Jones’ radio show, along with the contribution, makes his comments sound less than sincere.

The ties between Paul supporters and 9/11 conspiracy theories are not the only conspiracy theories being promoted. Comments to previous posts here showed the belief by Paul supporters in conspiracies involving the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations, with some believing that the UN is conspiring to both create world government and take away Americans’ guns. Paul’s apparent belief in such conspiracy theories is also seen in the letter sent to contributors:

I don’t need to tell you that our American way of life is under attack. We see it all around us — every day — and it is up to us to save it.

The world’s elites are busy forming a North American Union. If they are successful, as they were in forming the European Union, the good ‘ol USA will only be a memory. We can’t let that happen.

The UN also wants to confiscate our firearms and impose a global tax. The UN elites want to control the world’s oceans with the Law of the Sea Treaty. And they want to use our military to police the world.

Jason Steck has written about yet another conspiracy from the “Ron Paul web site, which tacitly encourages conspiracy mongering.”

Today, we face a new threat of widespread eminent domain actions as a result of powerful interests who want to build a NAFTA superhighway through the United States from Mexico to Canada

As I’ve suggested many times before, those who want to have libertarian ideas taken seriously need to distance themselves from Paul and his nuttier supporters.

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