Payment from Paul Campaign to 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist Revealed

Following the recent reports that Ron Paul has received the endorsement of the white supremacist organization Stormfront, and now has received a donation from its founder, there are yet new questions raised against Paul. In the past Paul has attempted to distance himself from the support of 9/11 conspiracy theorists by saying he did not share their views. Captain’s Quarters and Hot Air have posted reports that the Paul campaign has paid out $1300 to Alex Jones, a leading “Truther” who has also contributed to Paul’s campaign.

Paul supporters have argued that Paul has no control over who contributes to his campaign. I never bought that argument as there has been plenty of evidence of Paul soliciting support from the right wing fringe groups which support him. He also has the option of returning such contributions as any other candidate would be expected to. This payment raises additional questions as the campaign has complete control over who they pay money to. It is hard to believe that Paul really has no sympathy for such groups, or that their support of him is just a coincidence, considering the decision to send money to such a group.

Paul has justifiably received some favorable attention for speaking out against the pro-war Republicans at the debates, but the media really needs to do its job and take a closer look at what Paul really stands for. Libertarians need to also consider whether they really want to taint their name by supporting a candidate who’s agenda is far from libertarian.

Update: One Question About Paul Answered But Many Ties to Conspiracy Theories Remain

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  1. 1
    FZappa says:


    Don Black endorsed Bush in 2004. Bush did not “renounce” him. Does that make Bush a neo-nazi? By your logic, it does.

    Re Alex Jones: so no one can associate with 9/11 Truthers or they’re instantly unacceptable? Well, I guess we can’t watch “Two and a Half Men” because Charlie Sheen is a Truther. I guess CBS should “repudiate” Sheen, except that he just won an Emmy and it’s one of the most popular shows on TV.

    This really is the worst you can find on Ron Paul? Then I know he’s going to win — and I suspect you do, too.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    You really don’t help your candidate when you spam the blogosphere with comments as irrational as this.

    “Don Black endorsed Bush in 2004.”

    Where is your evidence of such an endorsement? In reality, Bush tried very hard to hide the connection between himself and Black which was found after the 2000 election. Bush was also criticized for this and I doubt that following this Black would have publically endorsed Bush.

    “By your logic, it does”

    When you twist the facts and then claim something is by my logic you only destroy your own credibility.

    “Well, I guess we can’t watch “Two and a Half Men” because Charlie Sheen is a Truther”

    Irrelevant. Watching someone on a television show has nothing to do with their political beliefs. However the beliefs of a presidential candidate are rather significant in a political race. In other words, we don’t care if the star of a sitcom is a wacko, but a presidential candidate is a different matter.
    “This really is the worst you can find on Ron Paul?”

    Lines like this even destroy your credibility further. No where does it say this is the worst about Paul. The point is that this is just one problem in a long string of problems which point out a problem.

    “Then I know he’s going to win.”

    Then you really are a fool. I bet even Paul understands he is running a protest candidacy wtih no chance to win.

    Not that he ever had a chance, but the more people see of his connections to far right extremists, and the more they see that his views are far more social conservativism than libertarian, the less of a chance he has.

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