SciFi Friday: News and Rumors on Star Trek, Jericho, Bionic Woman, Battlestar Galactica and 24

Screen Rant has some rumors on the plot of the upcoming Star Trek movie (skip the next paragraph if you don’t want to see any potential spoilers):

The new Star Trek film will focus much more on Spock than on the crew of the Enterprise. Also, the adventure takes place on a USS Enterprise commanded by Captain Christopher Pike(!), with Pike and crew being helped out by Kirk but not until much later in the film. It’s unknown what ship Kirk would be serving on, but he is not yet a captain at that time. There are battles with the Klingons, and we will get to see the maiden voyage of the original Enterprise: NCC-1701. Finally, none of the film takes place at all at Starfleet Academy.

Slice of SciFi has some stills from the upcoming season of Jericho. There have been rumors that CBS might move up Jericho to this fall to replace struggling shows. These rumors increased when CBS canceled Viva Laughlin but instead CBS will be showing reruns of CSI until November, followed by The Amazing Race. There’s also been rumors that Universal might move Battlestar Galactica to NBC, either starting with previous episodes seen on SciFI Channel or with the fourth season due to the possible shortage of scripts should the writers strike as feared. More recently Ron Moore was quoted by The Los Angeles Times as saying the fourth season will begin in April–which I fear might make them more likely to split the season as earlier rumored.

An April start also means that Battlestar Galactica won’t pick up for eight months after last season’s cliff hanger, but the extended episode, Razor, will be broadcast in November. It will also be shown on the big screen:

SCI FI Channel and Microsoft have joined forces for a groundbreaking partnership to bring Battlestar Galactica to the big screen. Special advanced preview screenings of the all-new two-hour extended episode Battlestar Galactica: Razor will be held in select movie theaters on Monday, November 12 – nearly two weeks in advance of the episode’s television debut on SCI FI. The event is being managed by National CineMedia LLC.

Written by Michael Taylor and directed by Emmy nominee Felix Alcala, Razor tells the story of Lee Adama’s (Jamie Bamber) first mission as commander of the Battlestar Pegasus and will reveal the story of how Admiral Cain (Michelle Forbes) served her ship during the original Cylon attack on the Colonies.

Screenings will take place in New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas and Seattle. Admission is FREE, courtesy of Xbox360, Zune, and the new RPG space adventure game “Mass Effect.” A complete list of theaters and ticketing information are available at Seating is extremely limited.

Razor will air on SCI FI on November 24 @ 9pm and will be followed by the release of an extended/unrated DVD edition on December 4.


Flash Gordon started out a disaster, and I didn’t watch beyond the first episode. The shows producers are promising to do better and discussed planned changes in the show. Meanwhile NBC is attempting to improve The Bionic Woman. The have hired Jason Cahill, formerly a writer for The Sopranos, as the program’s new show runner.

The trailer for the seventh season of 24 is posted along with some news on the upcoming season:

Set in Washington, DC, “Day 7” opens with CTU dismantled and JACK BAUER (Kiefer Sutherland) on trial. Bauer’s day takes an unexpected turn when former colleague TONY ALMEIDA (Carlos Bernard) returns. Meanwhile, President ALLISON TAYLOR (Cherry Jones) leads the country alongside White House Chief of Staff ETHAN KANIN (Bob Gunton) and First Gentleman HENRY TAYLOR (Colm Feore).

A national security crisis prompts an investigation by a team of FBI agents including Agent JANIS GOLD (Janeane Garofalo), Agent RENEE WALKER (Annie Wersching), Agent LARRY MOSS (Jeffrey Nordling), Agent SEAN HILLINGER (Rhys Coiro) and security specialist MICHAEL LATHAM (John Billingsley). Although CTU is no longer, CHLOE O’BRIAN (Mary Lynn Rajskub) and BILL BUCHANAN (James Morrison) are back for another momentous day of shocking events.

It looks like Jack is under investigation for his use of torture, and that Tony may be the bad guy. Of course things might not turn out as they first appear.

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