BlogRush Bans Bawdy Blogger Babes

BlogRush keeps advising snappy titles which will get noticed in their widget, and I bet this title will get some attention. BlogRush is a clever idea which helps bring traffic into blogs by providing a widget which shows links to posts in five other blogs. In return, other blogs have links back to your blog. Some have complained that it didn’t work ideally, but its free and brought in some new readers making it worthwhile. The links have also led me to some new blogs with interesting material.

Such a set up without monitoring was perfect for spammers, making it necessary for BlogRush to manually review every blog in the network. I received an email telling me that 10,000 blogs have been removed, and mine had been approved.

I thought this meant the end of spam blogs, but yesterday I found that a couple of real blogs I discovered through BlogRush were also being removed. Blue Gal and Just a Girl in Short Shorts were both removed, presumably for violating the rule against including “obscene or disgusting material of any kind.” Well, I guess I won’t risk posting any more pictures of Dick Cheney.

I’ll leave it to readers to check out these blogs to determine if they find them obscene or disgusting. This also leaves me wondering about the marketing acumen of this outfit. A libertarian lesbian in short shorts might not be the sort of person Disney would want representing them. (Besides, they have those nude photos of Vanessa Hudgen on line to provide them with publicity.) However, the internet is a different sort of place, and this is exactly what is likely to attract the attention of bloggers who spend too much time on line. Perhaps they need to do what BuzzFeed does in offering an option to “Only show tame buzz – some of my readers are prudes.”

(Aside to Blue Gal and Becky: I hope you don’t find the word “Babes” to be offensive or demeaning. I needed a noun beginning with a B and the other one which came to mind seemed sort of rude to apply to people I don’t even know, and it might have gotten me banned from BlogRush.)


  1. 1
    Robert Rouse says:

    At least you didn’t go with “Broads”, but perhaps “Beauties” or “Belles” could have made the cut.

    It’s too bad they didn’t actually have someone with common sense go through and make the cuts instead of arbitrarily selecting blogs like Blue Gals. Pity.

  2. 2
    Becky says:

    Yeah–“babes” is alright I guess–but it is kind of like that F word that should only be used by gangsta queer comedians or lesbian rappers:)


  3. 3
    Blue Gal says:

    Ron honey, seeing as I’m a 44 year old mother of three who hasn’t worn short-shorts since she was a toddler, I just assumed you meant babe in the “intelligence is an aphrodisiac” sense, my good writing making you teh hawt. Works for me. Thanks for the linky love, too. xo

  4. 4
    Ron Chusid says:

    Blue Gal,

    From my perspective 44 is young–a few years younger than my wife who is younger than me. Therefore being a 44 year old mother and being a babe are not mutually exclusive to me, especially as intelligence is a positive point.

  5. 5
    Blue Gal says:

    Well then, love on ya Ron, your wife is a lucky woman.

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