Bill Richardson Least Objectionable Candidate From Either Party in Zogby Poll

It appears that my views of the candidates are shared by a majority when Zogby conducted a poll on acceptance of each candidate. People were asked which candidate they would definitely not vote for. Bill Richardson did best in terms of least number saying they would not vote for him, followed by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Chris Dodd. (Richardson, Obama, and Dodd are the three candidates I’ve been most interested in.) Clinton has the most negatives on this list, which does differ from my ranking. I started out following the campaign with an “anybody but Clinton” attitude which has been replaced by “anybody but Edwards, but preferably not Clinton.”

On the Republican side, not surprisingly Ron Paul is the least acceptable. Mike Huckabee is most acceptable, leaving both parties with long shots as most acceptable candidate.

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  1. 1
    Terry Conklin says:

    I agree. I am a Republican who has changed my registration and will vote for Richardson in the Nevada caucus. He is uniquely able to swing voters like me. I prey he pulls it off because otherwise the Dems will fail in November. Hillary is far too polarizing among my old Republican friends.

  2. 2
    Terry Conklin says:

    Whoops!! I’ll “pray” instead of hunting Hillary (“prey” above)

  3. 3
    Ron Chusid says:

    Unfortunately the primaries tend to favor candidates who are most appealing to their party’s base and not to independents or those more likely to switch parties.

    Obviously much could change between now and the general election, but if Hillary does get the nomination I think she would be unable to take Nevada but would win the general election.

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