Blog Roll House Cleaning

I’ve been doing a bit of house cleaning on the blog roll, eliminating some blogs and using the extra room to add on more of the blogs which link here. If I removed anyone from the blog roll who does link here in error please let me know and I’ll reinstate your blog. Also let me know if anyone is interested in exchanging links.

It is common while reading blogs to look for new sites to read, such as from the links in a blog roll. That is one reason why the blog roll here is dominated by smaller blogs as opposed to the major blogs which everyone links to. There are also two other good sources for those interested in finding more to read. I’ve had a box with selected stories from Memeorandum for quite a while as well as a selection of other news and blog aggregators.

Last week I also added a widget from  BlogRush which randomly gives a selection of posts from other blogs. I’ll post more on BlogRush after they roll out the finished product, but even in its infancy it appears very promising. The value of BlogRush is that it drives traffic to the sites which utilize it. Although still under construction, taking less than five minutes to sign up and install the free widget has already paid off in bringing in over one hundred new readers per day.

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    Rainier says:

    Blogrush sounds like it would be a handy widget. I might look into that – thanks for mentioning it (and if I do, I’ll make sure to get the referral from your site).

    And speaking of links, I’d very much appreciate it if you could add a link to my site in exchange for one to yours. I run and added a link to your homepage from my Links page under Notable Sites. I get about 25,000 visits per month, so hopefully you’ll get a bump in traffic from the exchange.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    Thanks. I just added Repptide under the Blog and News Aggregators.

  3. 3

    Helo !

    Your blog its very nice.

    Congratulations !

  4. 4
    opit says:

    I have an item near the top of my Blogroll where I provide a link to my account. I usually suggest people try that and select ‘Cloud’ display for their first view of what’s what. I know people usually practice reciprocity – but because of the nature of my site I often neither get nor give it. Whatever you feel like doing is fine.
    That said – you have a nice place here – and you’ll find I’ve ‘seen a few’ if your curiosity is piqued enough to ‘nose around’.
    Keep the Blogroll clipped ? I usually clip ‘dead links’ on an ongoing basis as I find them. No fresh content – no listing.

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