Third Quarter Fund Raising Keeps Richardson Alive

Bill Richardson was the first candidate to release information on third quarter fund raising. His campaign raised about $5.2 million for the quarter and over $18 million for the year. This still leaves him behind Clinton and Obama, but keeps him in the same range as Edwards and well ahead of the remainder of the candidates.

With Edwards seriously crippling his chances with his desperation decision to accept public financing, along with the restrictions on spending, this solidifies Richardson as the number three candidate in the race. Richardson spokesman Tom Reynolds said that Richardson would be “very hesitant” to accept such limitations which would give the Republicans a tremendous advantage.

CQ Politics reports that Obama and Clinton have raised similar amounts during the third quarter. Obama’s campaign estimates they raised between $18 million and $19 million dollars. Clinton’s campaign estimates they raised between $17 million and $20 million dollars for the quarter.

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