Bill Clinton Discusses Barack Obama’s Experience

Bill Clinton questions whether Barack Obama is experienced enough to run for president. Sure I’d like it better if Obama had a little more experience, but Bill Clinton in hardly the person whose opinion I’d ask about Obama. I believe he has a horse in this race.

In a perfect world all the candidates would also be perfect. Both front runners would be highly experienced. Neither would have made mistakes such as supporting going to war in Iraq, supporting the Patriot Act, or supporting federal legislation to outlaw flag desecration. Perhaps experience isn’t the only criteria here, especially when Hillary Clinton has been on the wrong side so many times, starting with her original health care plan.

If we are looking at someone experienced enough to run for president we might also look at Hillary Clinton’s latest proposal to give $5000 to every baby. That’s five times what George McGovern offered in 1972, but correcting for inflation it sounds about even. Is this another example of the experience which makes Clinton more qualified than Obama to run for president? Does experience mean adopting ridiculous ideas of the past?