Downing Street Memos, Spanish Version

Josh Marshall reports “someone in the Spanish government has leaked to El Pais transcripts of conversations between President Bush and then Spanish Prime Minister Aznar just before the outbreak of the Iraq War. The gist seems to be that Bush was rather candid about the fact that the efforts to find a peaceful solution to the crisis were a sham and that the war was a done deal.” Following is from the Google translation:

According to Blix, Iraq was taking steps towards an active cooperation to solve the pending subjects of disarmament. Its tone had been less critical than the one of its report of the 27 of January of 2003. “Since we arrived at Iraq three ago months we have made more than 400 inspection without previous warning in about 300 places. Until now, the inspectors have not found any of the prohibited arms… If Iraq is decided to cooperate still more closely the period of disarmament through them inspection can still be brief”, it indicated the head of inspectors.

The chief of a main directorate of the Organism the International of Energía Atómica (OIEA), Mohamed the Baradei, informed the 14 into February of that still they were to clarify some technical questions; but, he added, “are not left disarmament problems already to solve”. According to he said, one had not been proves some of which in Iraq activities nuclear or relative to the nuclear energy were being carried out, another clear one you lie of which affirmed Powell on the Iraqian nuclear program.

As much the first fruits of the inspection work as the conclusion of the preparations of the U.S.A. took to Bush to fix the beginning of the combat operation towards the date of the 10 of March of 2003, to which nine days were added to obtain the second resolution. The process of moral persuasion to which to Aznar and Palace were led telephone call and bilateral meeting did not manage to reunite more than four votes: the three promoters and Bulgaria. 9 votes were necessary.

The failure of this legal cover of the imminent war took to Bush to decide with Blair and Aznar the celebration, the 16 of March of 2003, of a summit in the Islands You embarrass, place suggested by Aznar like alternative to the Bermuda islands for a reason that he himself explained to Bush: “The single name of those islands goes associate to an article to dress that indeed it is not adapted for the gravity of the moment at which we were”. There, that 16 of March, Bush, Blair and Aznar decided to replace the Security Council of United Nations and usurped their functions to declare by their account and risk the war against Iraq. In the morning of the 17 of March, the ambassador of the Kingdom United before the UN announced in New York the retirement of the second resolution. A defeat in the voting had complicated plus the race towards the war.

Reportedly they will be publishing more, and hopefully a better translation will also be available.

Update: Editor &  Publisher has further information on this story as well as a partial transcript of a conversation between Bush and Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar.

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