More Than One Third of Non-Elderly Adults Lack Insurance

The problem of 47 million Americans not having insurance has been widely quoted, and Families USA has looked more specifically at adults under the age of 65. Those over 65 (as well as the disabled) qualify for Medicare, and other programs such as the endangered Children’s Health Insurance Program cover many children. Families USA found that among non-elderly adults “more than one out of three people under age 65—approximately 89.6 million Americans—were uninsured at some point during 2006–2007.”

Conservatives who oppose any action on health care often argue that these numbers are not realistic indicators of the problem as they include those who were uninsured at any time during the year. Families USA demonstrates that this is a serious problem as “nearly two-thirds were uninsured for six months or more and over half were uninsured for nine months or longer.”