Rejection of Claims Denying Consensus on Climate Change

Conservatives who deny the scientific findings on climate change have been resorting to a number of specious arguments as to why the consensus of scientific thought should be ignored. Perhaps they realized that this was a losing tactic and over the last few weeks climate change denialists have been quoting bogus claims that there isn’t a scientific consensus. This claim is made by misrepresenting the literature, but many conservative bloggers have been eager to repeat this claim regardless of how weak the case is

Wired reports that they have run into some difficulties getting this claim published, even by a publication with a history of skepticism on global warming:

A paper claiming to show that the scientific consensus on climate change is not in fact a consensus has been rejected by the journal Energy & Environment, reports blogger Richard Littlemore.

This clearly isn’t a case of believers circling the publication wagons against anyone who dares contradict them: the journal’s editor, Sonja Boehmer-Christiansen, is a climate change skeptic, and the journal is known for publishing work that denies a link between greenhouse gas emissions and climate change. (For a scathing indictment of Energy & Environment, see what the American Chemical Society had to say about them.)

So if Energy and Environment wouldn’t take it, the paper, authored by endocrinologist Klaus-Martin Schulte, really is hot air. One would expect that, having hyped the paper prior to its non-publication, the bloggers over at James Inhofe’s blog will be equally vocal about its rejection. We shall see.

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