Bill Richardson: “Ads Don’t Kill People, Wars Do”

From an essay at Huffington Post by Bill Richardson:

Two days ago the Senate had a chance to help get more of our soldiers home for longer periods of time — but the measure failed. Yesterday they had a chance to set a timeline to start withdrawing troops — but that failed too. And today, another measure that would’ve required a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq failed. Three chances to make a difference, lost. But instead of continuing to push on the most important issue facing our country right now, yesterday Congress spent their time debating and condemning a newspaper ad by an anti-war group.

Let’s get some perspective here — ads don’t kill people — wars kill people. And it is long past time to end this war.

For Giuliani 9/11 Changes Everything

We’ve all heard the line that 9/11 changes things to justify a lot of arguments. Rudy Giuliani demonstrates how he tries to use this to justify anything, including his change of opinion on gun control:

“I also think that there have been subsequent intervening events — September 11 — which cast somewhat of a different light on the Second Amendment and Second Amendment rights. It doesn’t change the fundamental rights, but maybe it highlights the necessity for them more.”

Does he think that if everyone on the upper floors of the World Trade Center had weapons they might have shot down the planes before they hit? Is he expecting door to door attacks from terrorists in American cities which will be repelled by gun owners? Next will we hear an explanation as to how Giuliani chooses his toilet paper based upon the 9/11 attacks?

Obviously Guiliani is changing his views on gun control, as on other issues, because he wants to win the Republican nomination. I could even accept the possibility of someone’s views on guns changing as they consider the entire nation as opposed to only New York City. However it is time for Rudy to stop falling back on 9/11 for everything and start making some sense.