Bush Backs Universal Health Care

Buried in all the coverage of Hillary Clinton’s health care proposal comes this response from the Bush administration:

Leavitt told the USA TODAY editorial board that Bush will veto a Democratic plan emerging from Congress that would add $35 billion in taxpayer subsidies to the Children’s Health Insurance Program over five years. In doing so, Leavitt said, Bush will urge Congress to join him in seeking coverage for all Americans.

“He’d like to see the larger debate begin,” Leavitt said. “The very best opportunity we have may well be in the next 15 months.”

Anyone really think there is the slightest possibility that the Bush administration will produce any serious proposals which would result in universal health care?

It is also remarkable how Republicans, including Mitt Romney, have been screaming that Clinton’s plan represents socialized medicine considering how similar her plan is to the Massachusetts plan under Romney. Romney was further embarrassed in his attacks on Clinton:

Romney called his press conference to assail Clinton’s plan in front of St. Vincent’s Hospital Manhattan; he did not realize he was speaking in front of a trauma center named for a rival, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who, along with his wife, Judith, raised millions for the hospital.

The hospital scolded Romney for speaking there without its permission.

“We find it unfortunate that Mr. Romney misappropriated the image and good will of St. Vincent’s Hospital to further a political agenda,” the hospital said in a statement.

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  1. 1
    ken pope says:

    No socialized health care. Every doctor has a medical insurance billing staff that drives up the cost of health care. If the insurance carrier refuses the claim, the doctor raises other patients’ prices. The government regulates, sets prices, and interferes with the doctor/patient money relationship.

    Since the government pays for those with no money there will be more incentive not to report earnings to the IRS (a larger underground economy) and let government pay for your healthcare (rewards those who don’t work, punishes the working class). If the government knowingly pays for illegals it means that those who are honest and buy their own healthcare will pay for the illegals through even higher taxes.

    How many of the 47 million uninsured are illegal alien invaders/colonizers? How many are young, healthy, and save money by paying for their own check ups if they want them? How many are wealthy enough that they don’t need insurance? How many eat wrong and don’t take care of themselves that society would pay for (or worse, more regulations, telling you how to live so society doesn’t have to pay for the unhealthy lifestyle)?

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    How many of the 47 million uninsured are working Americans who cannot afford coverage? While on the one hand there are some young healthy Americans who choose not to purchase insurance, the 47 million number actually underestimates the problem as many with insurance have such poor coverage that it is virtually worthless. This is why bankruptcy from medical expenses is such a significant problem even among those with insurance. Besides, many of those who currently choose to “save money” by not purchasing insurance make this calculation because of the current cost of insurance coverage.

    “Every doctor has a medical insurance billing staff that drives up the cost of health care.”

    That happens even with dealing with the private sector. If anything this is an argument for a government-run single payer plan to reduce staff expenses.

  3. 3
    Ken Clapp says:

    There isn’t a single problem with healthcare in this country because I have insurance through the state of Maryland highway administration. The only reason that people are uninsured is because their lazy. healthcare is cheap and there are no exclusions. IF you need care just go to the hospital and get some. I am for healthcare credit cards for the uninsured who don’t want to work so that the banks can cash in on top of the healthcare industry at 18-30% interest. Every job in America provides great healthcare these days and all you need is the will to work to get it. If you are too slck to work than tough. You should have taken better care of yourself and got a job so you could see a doctor before you got sick. I’m voting Neocon republican because none of them will ruin our countries healthcare. And besides we are in the end times and the anti christ will use universal healthcare as leverage to take the mark of the beast, so who needs it!

  4. 4
    Kenzie Burke says:

    Eventhough you have health insurance you can still be turned away at anytime if you have a serious injury or illness.  Even if you live a healthy life there are many hereditary diseases that you could recieve later in life.   Many people can not afford health insurance because of the economy.  Other countries such as Canada, France, and Britain all use this system successfully.  Just because people are afraid they will loose a lot of money by supporting this.  Well I am here to say that human life should definantly go before some stupid little pieces of green paper.  America is a greedy and selfish and we need Universal Healthcare to help our citizens in this country.  That is the American thing to do.  America has the highest infant mortality rate in the western hemisphere and many people are literally thrown out of hospitals  into the streets because they are not wealthy like you.  That is not humane for someone to be thrown out to die because they are not rich!  I am very ashamed of the people who are against this, they are self centered, selfish, and inconsiderate of other people who are less fortunate than them.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  One day if you are denied healthcare and given a short amount of time to live I hope you look back and think about where you stand and what kind of person you are!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Kenzie Burke says:

    And for Ken sorry but if you cant afford healthcare you cant just go to the hospital to get it.  THATS WHY THEY HAVE INSURANCE!!!!!  It is not free you know!!  DUHHH

  6. 6
    EAbramson says:

    Laughing at: "» Bush Backs Universal Health Care Liberal Values" ( http://bit.ly/3YjP4y )

  7. 7
    EAbramson says:

    Laughing at: "» Bush Backs Universal Health Care Liberal Values" ( http://bit.ly/3YjP4y )

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