HillaryCare 2008 Unveiled

Hillary Clinton has released her health care plan. The key aspects are similar to those already proposed by others including providing options such as the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program and a Medicare-like government program. As with all the other plans, there’s not enough specifics to really judge how much this will cost businesses and individuals.

One aspect which I find questionable is the claim that “Over half the savings come from the public savings generated from Senator Clinton’s broader agenda to modernize the heath systems and reduce wasteful health spending.” I’ve previously discussed the fallacy that there such changes can save enough money to pay for universal coverage. Clinton will also include tax credits to make the plan more affordable for individuals and small businesses.

Barack Obama has criticized Clinton for lack of transparency, but this argument is more applicable to her 1993 plan than present. Obama has come under criticism from some on the left for making his plan more voluntary without mandates. Rather than going on the defensive, he could benefit politically by stressing this choice which would make the plan more acceptable to voters. Even Clinton has the advantage over John Edwards, despite including mandates, as long as she doesn’t make preventative care mandatory.

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