Muslim Group Calls for Secular Society, Defends Separation of Church and State

Often it seems like Muslims are dominated by extremists, but we hear too little of other viewpoints. Some present views which are far more reasonable than those of the religious right. The Muslim Canadian Congress calls for a secular society and defends separation of church and state:

As Muslims we believe in a progressive, liberal, pluralistic, democratic, and secular society where everyone has the freedom of religion. We want our communities to be equal and active contributors and participants in the development of a just, democratic, and equitable society in Canada.

  • We believe in the separation of religion and state in all matters of public policy. We feel such a separation is a necessary pre-requisite to building democratic societies, where religious, ethnic, and racial minorities are accepted as equal citizens enjoying full dignity and human rights enunciated in the 1948 United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • We believe that fanaticism and extremism within the Muslim community is a major challenge to all of us. We stand opposed to the extremists and will present the more humane and tolerant face of our community.

They also list several other beliefs beyond the first two.

(Hat tip to The Secular Outpost)

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