Washington Post Speculates on Gore Endorsement

I wonder if this means the media is moving on from all the stories about whether Gore will run. Instead The Washington Post wonders who Gore will endorse. They note that Obama, Edwards, and Dodd have all met with him. Clinton has not, and they assume Gore will not support her following “the falling out between Gore and the Clintons.”

I believe they might be exaggerating the significance of a Gore endorsement:

Gore is, without question, the biggest “get” when it comes to the fight for endorsements on the Democratic side. Since his loss to George W. Bush, Gore has been transformed from a has-been politician to a happening global messenger on the dangers of climate change.

Gore’s endorsement was not enough to help Howard Dean win despite Dean’s lead in the polls. While Gore is even more popular now than in 2003 when he endorsed Howard Dean, I question how many people will vote based upon Gore’s recommendation. As we saw in 2004, the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire made up their minds at the last minute, often based upon seeing the candidates personally. A key endorsement in these states who can get out the vote could be more important than Gore’s endorsement.

Gore’s endorsement might have the most impact on the campaign of one of the second tier candidates who are struggling to be taken seriously. People who are not paying attention to a campaign such as Dodd’s might consider such a candidate if endorsed by Gore. The candidate would still need to convince voters in Iowa and New Hampshire to vote for them,  but at present many aren’t even considering the second tier candidates.

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