Walter Cronkite Returning to Television?

Retirement Living TV is trying to expand their cable network and to do so is going after a name well known to their potential audience–Walter Cronkite. reports:

RLTV President Brad Knight confirms the Columbia, MD-based network is in talks with Cronkite. One scenario would have Cronkite presenting a weekly commentary “about anything Walter wants to share with us,” Knight says.

And it could be a family affair. Walter’s son Chip Cronkite is a segment producer on RLTV’s The Art of Living. It’s possible that Chip would produce whatever projects his father does with RLTV, Knight said. (Another Cronkite connection: RLTV producer Dean Love won an Emmy while working for Cronkite’s production company.)

For the benefit of those both too young to watch Retirement Living and to remember Cronkite, television news was quite different in his era. There was no cable news, no cable propaganda like Fox, and even ABC was still a small scale operation. Walter Cronkite was a major source of news for the nation which was far beyond the influence of more recent anchors. When Cronkite questioned the wisdom of the Vietnam War, it had a real impact on public opinion. It’s a shame he wasn’t around during the build up to the Iraq War.

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    L'Rai says:

    Wow, Walter Cronkite on RLTV. It seems as though RLTV is taking off a bit. I’ve seen snipits of shows on RLTV and really have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far. Their website also has a library of all the shows on their station,


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