The Cover Boys and Wine Drinkers


Barack Obama has made the cover of GQ–the first time a politician has made the cover since Clinton and Gore were on the cover in November 1992. Among the topics of the article is how Obama appeals more to college-educated wine-sipping Democrats but isn’t appealing as much to the beer drinkers. After years of putting up with that issue of which candidate people would prefer to go out for a beer with, I’m glad to see us wine drinkers get taken as a serious political constituency.

I also wonder if it means anything that GQ picked Obama while Esquire went with John Edwards. But  perhaps someone at Esquire wasn’t really all that fond of Edwards after putting him on the cover under the headline The Sexiest Woman Alive. After all the mistakes made by his campaign, even something which would seem positive such as being on the cover backfired against him.

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    b-psycho says:

    This entire concept of Politician-as-Buddy came about because of a misinterpretation of the realization of the inherent gulf between people with political power and the rest of us. We think in terms of who we’d like to drink with as a half-assed replacement for having someone LIKE us in power making decisions on our particular terms, despite the obvious fact that ones drink choices say zilch about character. I’ve drunk Colt 45 with people who were shocked I’d be anywhere near them — while having philosophical discussions, I might add.

    I’d gladly do tequila shots with Mike Gravel though, just to hear what he says when drunk.

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