American Right Finds Natural Allies in Russian KGB

After years of defending George Bush regardless of how much harm he has done to the country, we thought the right might have gotten as low as they could. It appears we were wrong. It was bad enough that they got in bed with George Bush. Now they are willingly jumping into bed with the former KGB on the subject of freedom of expression and criticizing government leaders.

The Wall Street Journal carries an op-ed from a former KGB agent which discusses how the KGB tried to discredit former American presidents. The message is that criticizing the president is unpatriotic and helps the enemies. This is part of the mind set which contributed to both the tyranny seen under the USSR, and to its ultimate demise.

This is exactly the type of message that we’d expect to hear from the KGB. What is shocking is that so many right wing blogs are echoing this message, just as they echo the talking points of the right wing extremists who control the Republican Party.The freedom to criticize our leaders is a fundamental principle upon which this nation was founded. While liberals fight to defend out civil liberties, apparently the right wing sees the KGB as a better model for the type of country they are fighting for.

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