Fact Checking Giuliani on Democratic Attitudes on Fighting Terrorism

When Republicans get together to talk or debate, truth takes a holiday. Factcheck.org found several untrue statements in Sunday’s Republican debate. The most serious lies, as usual, came from Rudy Giuliani. Giuiliani has become pretty much a one note campaign, claiming that Democrats are soft on fighting terrorism and only he can keep us safe. (In other words, more of Bush/Cheney). Factcheck showed that Giuliani was wrong in his latest attack on Democrats:

Accusing Democrats of Appeasing Terrorists

Giuliani: [In] four Democratic debates, not a single Democratic candidate said the word “Islamic terrorism.” Now, that is taking political correctness to extremes.… The reality is that you do not achieve peace through weakness and appeasement. Weakness and appeasement should not be a policy of the American government.

Rudy GiulianiProperly speaking, of course, “Islamic terrorism” is two words, though Giuliani is correct to say that in four debates the Democratic candidates have not uttered the words “Islamic terrorism” together. And it is true that Democratic candidates have generally avoided making critical comments about Muslims or the Islamic faith. Whether or not that constitutes “political correctness” and/or “appeasement” is a matter of opinion which we leave to others. But Giuliani is wrong to imply that the Democrats have failed to address terrorism. Here is a sampling of what leading Democratic candidates said in one debate:

Sen. Barack Obama (June 3):…[O]n this issue of terrorism. We have genuine enemies out there that have to be hunted down. Networks have to be dismantled. There is no contradiction between us intelligently using our military, and in some cases lethal force, to take out terrorists, and at the same time building the sort of alliances and trust around the world that has been so lacking over the last six years.

Former Sen. John Edwards (June 3): As president of the United States, I will do absolutely everything to find terrorists where they are, to stop them before they can do harm to us, before they can do harm to America or to its allies.

Sen. Hillary Clinton (June 3): I am a senator from New York. I have lived with the aftermath of 9/11, and I have seen firsthand the terrible damage that can be inflicted on our country by a small band of terrorists who are intent upon foisting their way of life and using suicide bombers and suicidal people to carry out their agenda.

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