The Grand Haven Coast Guard Parade

I don’t know if I’ll get much of a chance to post today, being busy Grand Haven’s annual Coast Guard Parade this morning and the fireworks this evening. (There will be some appletini’s served to help guests pass the time in between).

This year I don’t think politics will play a part, but it has in the recent past. Last year, Republican c candidate Dick DeVos received negative publicity for the disrespect he showed to the Coast Guard and parade in trying to use it to campaign after his request was denied by campaign officials.

Two years ago supporters of John Kerry were given permission to appear in the Coast Guard Parade and entered a float of John Kerry’s swift boat to honor the Coast Guard. My report, along with a photograph which had also been included on the official Kerry campaign blog, follows:


West Michigan Shows Support For John Kerry and US Coast Guard

Last Monday we saw tremendous support for John Kerry with record attendance for a political rally in Grand Rapids. Today was the day of the annual Coast Guard Parade in Grand Haven Michigan–Coast Guard City, USA. In a week in which John Kerry has pointed out George Bush’s failures in defending the country from terrorist threats, and others tried to distort Kerry’s military record, it was fitting that a replica of John Kerry’s swift boat was included in the Coast Guard Parade.We knew it was a going to be a good day when driving into Grand Haven, which sits in the midst of Republican West Michigan. We passed numerous cars with Kerry bumper stickers and gave each other thumbs up (and the opposite to the rare cars with Bush stickers). While actually at the parade, we saw many people wearing Kerry stickers and badges, but other than for the county Republican Party float, not a single Bush badge.

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  1. 1
    karendc says:

    Thanks for the memories, Ron. If only…

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    Yes, if only…

    For television fans, or at least fans of Survivor, there was yet another type of memory today. Gary Hogeboom of Survivor Guatemala, who lives in the area, was sitting on the blanket next to us for the fire works. Unfortunately he got voted off the blanket and had to miss the finale. 🙂

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