Edwards’ Hypocrisy Exposed on Latest Attack Against Fellow Democrats

Yesterday John Edwards attacked other Democratic candidates, demanding that they return contributions received from News Crop. Edwards’ hypocrisy has been further exposed by the news that he has earned $800,000 from a book published by one of News Corps. companies. Edwards campaign claims the money has been contributed from charity. Even if true, this would greatly undermine Edwards’ attack, and his campaign has not yet been able to provide evidence of such contributions. I wonder if the money went to his Poverty Center, which was used to spend money to campaign while avoiding FEC oversight rules.

Even if Edwards did contribute the money to charity, this would provide him with a tremendous tax deduction and he would still have benefited tremendously from News Corp. This also raises the question of why he sold his book to News Corp. in the first place when other publishers are available. Is this more a case of Edwards once again playing “do what I say, not what I do” or a flip flop on his views on News Corp.? Once John Edwards changes his mind, which he seems to do so often, apparently all must join him in his new beliefs.

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