Edwards Flip Flops Again on Attacking Other Democrats

Recently I noted with considerable skepticism that John Edwards was attacking other Democratic candidates for attacking each other. I had no doubt that it wouldn’t be long before Edwards ignored his own advice and began to attack the other candidates over other issues.

Edwards is now attacking Clinton, Obama, and Dodd for receiving contributions from News Corp. Attacking the owners of Fox News will inevitably gain him some backing while at Yearly Kos, but asking opponents to return contributions is not very realistic as long as the current system is in place.

I also wonder if Edwards, who usually appears to be operating more based upon opportunism than principle, would be saying the same if he had received a significant amount of money from them. Edwards’ contributions are heavily concentrated from the trial lawyers, allowing Edwards to make such demands of his opponents.

Update: Edwards’ Hypocrisy Exposed on Latest Attack Against Fellow Democrats

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    Brett says:

    And in the continuing series of hypocrisy from Edwards, now it’s been revealed that he took a $800,000 advance from HarperCollins for his book “Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives,” which is owned by NewsCorp.


    His spokesman says that the Murdoch money will go to charity, but it is still hypocritical to demand your opponents to return the very money that you received as well and used for your own benefit. Day after day, it becomes clearer and clearer than Edwards should not be the 2008 nominee. He now has as much baggage as Hillary Clinton.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:


    They say the money has gone to charity but weren’t able to come up with the evidence. There’s speculation that the “charity” it went to was his poverty organization. That’s the same organization he used to keep his political advisors on the payroll until he officially had a campaign organization.

    I’m sure the trial lawyers will stick with him, but I wonder if a time will come when Edwards’ supporters in the blogosphere will realize what a phoney politician Edwards is.

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    daveinboca says:

    Looks like the shallow ambulance-chasing pretty boy is starting to hemorrhage pretty badly in the polls. Even Iowa, where he’s lived for the past year, and his natal state of South Carolina, now look like they’re going for Chillary or B. Hussein Obama.

    Also, I wonder if he gave the half-mil he earned doing hedge fund work for a sub-prime mortgage lender to any charities, besides his own campaign grifters, that is.

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    Brett says:

    Yeah, I read that in the story too. If the Murdoch money went to a legitimate charity, then the campaign should readily–and eagerly–provide the evidence. I’d like to give them the benefit of the doubt, but the Edwards campaign has proven time and time again that it is not best equipped to parry accurate charges of flip-flopping (haircuts, mansions, etc.)

    All of this just shows that more and more baggage that will haunt Edwards is developing before our eyes. The American people cannot afford to have a nominee and a president mired down in what are, unfortunately, true accusations of hypocrisy.

    When will his most ardent supporters realize that he has become too much of a liability for 2008? I hope that time is soon.

  5. 5
    Ron Chusid says:


    I’m not certain what I would do in a general election campaign if Edwards is the nominee, but I’d hate to have to be in the positon of defending him. While slicker on the stump than Kerry, Edwards otherwise has Kerry’s liabilities but to a greater degree.

    It was difficult to defend Kerry’s vote on the IWR, but at least Kerry was on record opposing going to war before the war started. Edwards waited until it was politically popular, and then turned around and attacked other Democrats for their position.

    Kerry voted for the Patriot Act, but at least it was only as a compromise to get the sunset provisions added. Edwards was a big backer of the bill.

    Republicans had to twist Kerry’s views to portray him as a flip flopper. Edwards actually has flip flopped on most of his view.

    On top of that, Edwards does not have the experience or expertise that Kerry had. I suspect that any Democrat will be able to win in 2008, but if conditions should change, Edwards would be the hardest to get elected. This is seen in the polls which break down independents from Democrats, with Edwards doing ok among Democrats but very poorly among independents.

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