Edwards Calls Giuliani “George Bush on Steroids”

It should be fairly clear to readers here that I don’t take John Edwards all that seriously as a contender to be president, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a good stump speech. He has improved as a campaigner and made one of the top lines this week:

“What Giuliani is, is George Bush on steroids.” Edwards said. “Giuliani, Romney and the rest of the Republicans running for the nomination are going to give the country four more years of crony capitalism, which is exactly what we have now. We have insurance companies and drug companies and oil companies running this government. They need to be stopped. And Giuliani just wants to empower them.”

I don’t have any further transcripts of this, so I don’t mean this as criticism, but I hope that Edwards went beyond this line. Democrats need to stress the difference between capitalism and Republican crony capitalism, and no longer tolerate the manner in which Republicans define both capitalism and Democratic beliefs.

If Edwards hopes to sell this message beyond those who already agree it is not enough to say that the insurance companies, drug companies, and oil companies must be stopped. It is necessary to discuss the have done and provide further evidence of their excessive influence over the Republicans. While this may go beyond a stump speech to supporters, ultimately Democratic candidates must make this case to the nation. In doing so they must also make sure it sounds like their message comes much more from people like Kevin Phillips than Michael Moore if they want to build a national consensus.

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