Obama Playing Dirty Pool or Considering a Variety of Views?

Earlier today I quoted from Andrew Sullivan regarding a difference between Obama and Clinton. I agree with Andrew Sullivan in the closing line of his quote and, which should be obvious as I quoted him, I do believe that what Sullivan says about the Democratic primary has is worth reading. Barack Obama’s web site also quoted this, but Taylor Marsh considers quoting a conservative as being dirty pool.It is perfectly reasonable for Obama to quote this, and quite conventional for a candidate to quote a favorable response. If this was a case of a conservative praising a Democrat for being more conservative on an issue it might not be as relevant, but here Sullivan is backing the more liberal position.

While I disagree with Sullivan on many issues (and agree on others) we do share one thing in common. We are both more concerned about issues and principles as opposed to loyalty to one of the political parties. In our hyperpartisan attitude, the ability to appeal to members of both parties is an advantage for Obama (as well as Bill Richardson) as opposed to Clinton and Edwards.

Some Democratic voters might choose to ignore the views of a conservative such as Sullivan. Others who are more independent, such as myself, do find it relevant to see signs that a candidate resonates better with independents and possibly even Republicans. Even diehard Democrats might consider this should they weight in issues of electability. Consideration of views from across the political spectrum is a laudable trait in candidates, as well as bloggers.
Some Democrats may find the quote from Andrew Sullivan to be irrelevant, and others may find it to be worth repeating. Under those circumstances, it is hardly dirty pool for Obama’s web site to post the quotation and allow readers to decide upon the relevance.

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