John Edwards, Attack Dog

Yesterday I criticized John Edwards for attacking Obama and Clinton for disagreeing with each other. If a candidate were to take a consistent position that this shouldn’t be done it would be one thing. One of the many reasons I find Edwards lacking in integrity is that one day he comes out saying this while on another day he is the one launching the most specious attacks on other Democrats.

John Edwards’ hypocrisy can be seen in his earlier attacks on Obama and Clinton. These attacks began before the New Hampshire debate, but a portion of them can be seen during the debate in this video:


I see Edwards’ statement yesterday as simply another one of his attacks on those leading him in the polls.

Its a shame that John Edwards wasn’t willing to go on the offensive when requested by the Kerry campaign in 2004, prefering to preserve his faux “nice guy” image for 2008.


  1. 1
    mbk says:

    Good points, Ron.

  2. 2
    Liberal Journal says:

    I also find Edwards a tad disingenuous, and will never forgive him for laying down twice in 04–first to Kerry, then to Cheney.

  3. 3
    jimmy says:

    I’m not sure what Liberal Journal means about laying down to Kerry, but he sure did a poor job debating Cheney. I’d be afraid to see him debate one of the more experienced Republican candidates if he got the nominaiton. It would be funny to see Edwards run against Romney. They could each flip flop between their old and current views, and Romney might come out the more liberal of the two.

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