Obama Furthers Offensive Against Clinton

It was bound to happen. Sooner or later Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would have to stop being so nice to each other and start to have it out. It might be an interesting trivia point in the future to date this back to the CNN/YouTube debate. I’ve already discussed how an exchange during the debate continued into the press the following day. Obama has escallated the exchange:

“I think what is irresponsible and naive is to have authorized a war without asking how we were going to get out — and you know I think Senator Clinton hasn’t fully answered that issue.

“The general principle that I was laying out is that we should not be afraid as America to meet with anybody.

“Now, they may not like what we want to hear — so if I’m talking to the President of Iran, I’m going to inform him that Israel is our stalwart ally, and we are going to do what’s necessary to protect them — that we will not accept a nuclear bomb in Iran, but that doesn’t mean we can’t say that face to face. And obviously, the diplomatic spadework has to be done ahead of time.

“The notion that I was somehow going to be inviting them over for tea next week without having initial envoys meet is ridiculous.

“But the general principle is one that I think Senator Clinton is wrong on — and that is if we are laying out preconditions that prevents us from speaking frankly to these folks, then we are continuing with Bush-Cheney policies, and I am not interested in continuing that.

“I know that she has said in the past that we have to talk to our enemies — well that’s what this is about. And if we say that we will not talk to them unless they meet a series of preconditions, then that’s the same position that Bush and Cheney have maintained over the last six years, and it has made us less safe. And that’s what I think is going to be a significant part of this debate in 2008.

“We responded to her in this situation, and I think there is a genuine difference, if there isn’t a difference, then Senator Clinton should explain it. I think that we should talk to everybody.

“That ultimately is what’s going to create the environment in which we can reduce some of the threat levels we are facing. To fail to do that is the same conventional Washington thinking that led many including Senator Clinton to go ahead with the war without having asked adequate questions.”

There are further responses from Clinton, and the difference between their views does not appear to be all that great despite Clinton’s earlier attacks that Obamas views are “irresponsible” and “naive.” The fact that the two are going after each other like this is far more significant than their actual differences on negotiating with other nations.

Maybe it is time for Obama to point out that he has laid out his health care plan, but Clinton only states she learned from her previous plan and avoids providing specifics. It is time that someone asks her exactly what it is that she has learned.

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