Sixty Percent in Military Poll Said US Should Withdraw from Iraq

Not only are many in the military contributing to Ron Paul, many are telling pollsters it is time to leave Iraq:

Nearly 60 percent of readers who participated in a recent poll said the United States should withdraw its troops from Iraq now or by the end of 2008. More than 40 percent of the respondents agreed the pullout should begin immediately because “we’re wasting lives and resources there.”

Analyzing the results further, they write:

The online poll tracks closely with nationwide scientific surveys that show a strong majority of Americans now opposed to the surge of 30,000 combat troops and dwindling support for keeping U.S. forces in Iraq through next year. poll participants offered a wide range of views on the current situation in Iraq, with some saying in online comments the war is lost and others holding firm with President Bush’s strategy.

“This is not a war – it’s an invasion – $12 billion a month, wasted lives, wasted resources, and not a damn thing has changed except the U.S. troop body count,” writes reader with the screen name “leekujawa.”

“Over 70 percent of the American people are against this whole nightmare and yet there is still no timetable for withdrawal,” “leekujawa” continues. “The entire executive branch has thumbed its nose at the American people.”

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    janet says:

    If I hear Bush say “listen to the commanders on the ground” one more time, I’ll tear my gorgeous hair out.

    He is not listening to them or they are afraid to tell him the truth.

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