Many Attorneys in Giuliani’s Firm Backing Others

Not even all the attorneys in Rudy Giuliani’s own law firm are backing him. The New York Daily News reports that many in his firm are backing others, especially Richardson and Obama. Only twenty of the approximately 400 attorneys in the firm contributed to Giuliani last quarter. (Nothing is reported in the story on previous quarters, which might change the percentage, but not the fact that Giuliani has collegues backing other candidates.) Nearly one-third who have contributed picked someone other than Giuliani. Four contributed to Bill Richardson, three to Barack Obama one to Christopher Dodd, and only one to another Republican–Mitt Romney. None contributed to Hillary Clinton, but one contributed to Emily’s List, which has endorsed Clinton. Considering his support among trial lawyers, it is surprising that John Edwards was not included. Perhaps these attorneys predicted Richardson’s move ahead of Edwards by some metrics including the latest poll out of New Hampshire.

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