South Carolina Paper Calls Richardson The Best Candidate in the Race

Bill Richardson is probably the candidate who gets the best press but has the least to show for it. Of course it is early, and an editorial such as this in an early primary state might mean more than early polls. A South Carolina newspaper, The State, has called Bill Richardson the best candidate in the race:

Democrats might have the best presidential candidate in New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.

“I haven’t seen anybody in either party who has the depth that this fellow has,” said Francis Marion University political scientist Neal Thigpen, a staunch Republican.

“He has got a wealth of experience.”

Just check Richardson’s resume.

He has been a member of Congress and a diplomat, represented the United States in the United Nations, was U.S. energy secretary under President Clinton and was re-elected governor of New Mexico in a landslide.

While looking realistically at Richardson’s position, I agree with the author that we shouldn’t “count Richardson out of the race for the top job either. He has the potential to surprise.” John Edwards moved from nowhere to second in Iowa in 2004 largely due to the support of The Des Moines Register. Similar media support in South Carolina might even give Richardson an early upset victory there, providing momentum for the subsequent primaries. It’s a long shot, but I won’t count him out.

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