White House in Panic Mode

I wonder how much longer it will be until George Bush, like Richard Nixon in his final days, is found talking to the pictures on the wall. Even before the news came of hitting a new low in the Gallop Poll, ABC News was reporting that the White House was in panic mode:

ABC News has been told the White House is in “panic mode” over the recent defections of Republican senators on the president’s stay-the-course policy in Iraq.

Senior Bush administration officials are deep in discussion about how to find a compromise that will “appease Democrats and keep wobbly Republicans onboard,” a senior White House official told ABC News.

The official said the White House “is in panic mode,” despite Monday’s on-the-record briefing by White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, who played down any concern over the recent spate of GOP senators who have spoken out publicly in support of changing course in Iraq.

The Republican defections are seen as “a crack in the dike,” according to the senior White House official, and National Security Adviser Steven Hadley is most concerned.

Bush administration officials are currently discussing options about how to get out of “this conundrum with the Republicans,” while giving Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in Iraq, time to implement the troop surge strategy in Iraq, according to a senior White House official.

Less than two years ago, Bush was talking about his mandate, and other Republicans were talking about building a permanent majority. Since then, Bush has failed to have any significant victories beyond his Supreme Court appointees, the Republicans have lost control of Congress, and even Republicans are turning on Bush.

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