Hot Political Videos and Book For 2008

After the last post which discussed Hustler, nude pictures of Britney Spears, and a Lindsay Lohan nipple slip, this would seem to be the appropriate time to look at the sexy music videos which are creating such a commotion this year. Even The Economist has noted this trend, writing

An actress recently starred in a saucy video called “I got a crush on Obama”. (Sample lyrics: “You can Barack me tonight” and “Universal health-care reform, it makes me warm”.) It is hard to envisage any other candidate inspiring anything similar. McCain me harder?


Of course there’s an Obama Girl web site, and it should come as no surprise that there has been a take off regarding Hillary Clinton, Hot4Hill


For those who would prefer to read a juicy novel instead of watching videos, The Economist reports that Kristin Gore’s new novel is “about life in the White House with a noble vice-president, a dissolute president and a ghastly first lady whose ‘paranoia was legendary’.

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