Astrology is Bunk, Part 2

Recently I had a post quoting blogs from both the left and right dismissing astrology as bunk. Fortunately this is something many of us can agree on regardless of political views. However, just as science and reason are under attack from elements of the religious right, the left does have some elements which are also not part of the reality based community.

I noted that Bush and the Dalai Lama both having the same birthday “does not disprove astrology, but there are plenty of other arguments beyond this.” One of the writers for The Democratic Daily (who has attacked here in the past) responded with a post calling me an imbecile after falsely claiming that I used the common birth dates as an argument against astrology, and then preceded to present astrological charts as if they mean anything. I don’t know which is worse, calling me an imbecile while claiming I said the exact opposite of what I really said, or in thinking that drawing up astrological charts has meaning.

As I did state, while the common birth dates does not disprove astrology, there is plenty of other evidence. Rather than resort to the usual ad hominem attacks which characterize their posts, I’ll simply present a list of sources should anyone be interested in further information debunking astrology:

Bad Astronomy

James Randi

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The Skeptic’s Dictionary

Is Astrology Relevant to Consciousness and Psi?

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  1. 1
    Roger L. Satterlee says:

    Ezra Klein has made the obvious conclusion based on his personal observation, but upon closer inspection we find that GW Bush and Sly Stallone were born on the exact same day. I find it more interesting, ‘artistically’ speaking, that both persons harbored an identical deep seated love of ‘Rambo-ism’–the egoistic posing as a ruthless, morally obligated, warrior.

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    An interesting coincidence–there is hardly any reason to believe that having born on the same day has any bearing on this. Considering how limited the similarity is, there are people even more similar to George Bush and Sly Stallone born on different days with different astrological signs.

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