The Jawa versus The Taliban

Last month The Jawa Report came to the defense of Liberal Values when we were attacked by conspiracy theorists, astrologers, and Mel Gibson sympathizers of the looney left. Despite disagreeing on a number of issues, we shared a disdain for 9/11 conspiracy theorists who blame George Bush for the 9/11 attacks as opposed to al Qaeda. There is now another blog war where we have common sympathies. The Jawa Report claims credit for shutting down a Taliban web site.

I must admit some mixed feelings here, having some qualms about shutting down a web site to prevent those we disagree with from speaking out. However, if it comes down to the Taliban or the Jawa, I’ll have to back the Jawa. They do say they were “thanked by the Feds for helping get the last Taliban website yanked…And providing business services (even free services) to the Taliban remains a Federal crime in the U.S. as well as in most countries.”

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