Astrology is Bunk

Ezra Klein has repeated my position on astrology in a post entitled Astrology is Bunk.

Ezra’s argument in itself does not disprove astrology, but there are plenty of other arguments beyond this. Ezra quotes Outside of the Beltway:

I caught a few minutes of the Diane Rehm Show on NPR earlier and the host wished a happy birthday to President Bush and the Dalai Lama, both of whom were born on July 6th.

Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page quipped, “What does that say about astrology?”

I wonder if this title will subject him to a round of personal attacks and lies as I was subjected to for saying exactly the same.

Update: In response to several email messages, yes, I do know that they are talking about astrology again and no, I don’t see any point in linking to it.

Update II: One of the writers for The Democratic Daily links here calling me an imbecile after totally misstating what I wrote. Using the typical tactics of insult and attacking straw men which are characteristic of that site, he claims I wrote that Bush and the Dalai Lama having the same birth date disproves astrology. As is clear above, I actually wrote that this item discussed on other blogs “does not disprove astrology.” In other words, I wrote the exact opposite of what he claims I wrote. Then he goes on to show the charts of the Dalai Lama and George Bush showing they are different, and indicating that he believes these have meaning.

I’m not sure which is worse–to call me an imbecile after claiming I said the exact opposite of what I actually wrote, or to believe that these astrological charts mean a thing. Maybe next they’ll repeat the attacks they used for after I criticized them for defending anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial, or repeat some of the other lies they’ve been so fond of making up about me.

Here’s a hint: Every time you attack me by falling back on astrology, anti-Semitism, transparently faux-feminism, or other such demonstrations of your ignorance and bigotry, I’m not the one that it hurts.

Another hint: Calling someone else an imbecile and then discussing astrology as if it means something is rather contradictory. The moment you defend astrology you have already lost the debate and shown who the true imbecile is.

Update III: This post is continued here.

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  1. 1
    granny miller says:

    Good Morning!
    Astrology is bunk?

    Well, there are many couples in India and elsewhere about to be married, who would take exception to your assertion.
    Not to mention C.G. Jung .
    Generations of farmers and simple folk who have yet to be divorced from Nature still use astrology every day.
    What do you imagine an almanac is for?

    I just left a comment over at The Liberty Papers about this topic in regards to George Stephanopoulos’s interview of Congressman Ron Paul.

    Hang on to this comment and debunk it next November.

    I’ve been an astrologer for over 25 years and I have called the last 7 elections correctly.

    In fact this past Bush/Kerry election was the easiest to interpret.
    I shocked my own husband 🙂 who felt certain John Kerry would win.
    He kept boring me with the “exit polls” and the “experts”.

    Congressman Ron Paul has 6 out of 7 markers that I have used in the past to determine who will win an election.

    No other 2008 Presidential candidate currently running has more than 4 markers.
    John Edwards may have a 5th, but – I’m not sure.

    It is my opinion Ron Paul could easily be the next President of the United States.

    In fact I’m willing to stake my reputation on it.
    I wonder if George Stephanopoulos will stake his job at ABC on it?

  2. 2
    Ron Chusid says:

    There was plenty of reason for someone to predict either Bush or Kerry winning in 2004 without using astrology (and I also recall seeing a prediction from another astrolger that Kerry would win). Predicting a Ron Paul victory is certainly more daring than predicting Bush in 2004.

    It wouldn’t prove a thing about astrology, but being right on this prediction would be notable.

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